Spiritual Autobiography Example

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Spiritual Autobiography
Religion and faith have been a part of my life since the day I was born. My grandfather has been a pastor at Selma Church of God for 39 years and my mom, along with my grandmother and aunts, run our churches worship team. One could only assume, I have spent much of my life in the church. From years of children 's church and Sunday school, I learned of God 's unconditional love for me and His constant willingness to forgive me of my sins. My family and teachers explained the crucifixion and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. As a child, I knew all these things, these wonderful things about my God and my religion, but it was not until my early teens that I began to thirst for more.
At my church, one had to be in seventh grade to attend our youth group service. I could not wait to going into junior high so I could hang out with the teenagers and talk about actual teen issues and how The Bible tells us to handle them. The summer before seventh grade our church had new
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I was always lying to my parents, going out to parties, and staying at places I should not have been. My lifestyle was something I could not talk to my parents about, but I could confide in other friend 's parents or my youth pastors. I always wonder how different my teenage years would have been if my parents were more open and approachable about living life in God 's image. At home, we all knew of our faith and acted according, no cursing, no drinking, but we never specifically spoke of how difficult it can be to not fall into temptation. My parents were not understanding of any mistakes; it was, "you better not be doing those kinds of things," the end. This is not to say my parents are at fault for me being a rebellious teenager who lied to her parents and got drunk on the weekends because I was well aware of the sins I was committing and I attempted many times to
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