Spinner Dolphin

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Spinner dolphin
Did you know that spinner dolphins are often found in warm waters? They live far away from land. The hawaiian and costa rican dolphins live near land. They live in pods of 1,000 members.They love to ride and jump on bow waves.They may travel with yellowfin tuna. Spinners go about dive 300 ft during the day to find prey but can dive up to 800 ft into utter darkness. It can hold its breath to 5-10 minutes. Spinner dolphins love to jump, flip, and twist above the surface.Their color is pink, gray, black, and a cream white. Spinner dolphins are smaller and more energetic than most other dolphins. Their food is fish, shrimp,and squid are their favorite meal. They live in the Pacific, Atlantic,and Indian ocean. They weigh about 50-175 lbs. They are about 4 ½-8ft long. Their snout is about 61/2ft long. At night they go deeper to find food. In the morning, they move back to the shallow water to rest. Spinner dolphins scientific name is stenella longirostris. They can spin up to seven-and-a-half revolutions in the 1.25 seconds they're in the air. Spinning is the defining art of this species. Females are really good mothers to their calf. Females sexually mature near 4-7yrs.The females nurture their young for 2yrs. They communicate by clicks and whistles. Each dolphin has its own frequency, so they can be told apart in a large group. When they migrate they go to the shore. Spinner dolphins are known as the acrobats of the sea. They are also known as playful dolphins. They have a dark stripe to the eye to the flipper. They can be in tropical and subtropical. They can be in 40 degrees in south & north. The species are divided in 7 subspecies. Spinner dolphins have 45-65 teeth. Spinner dolphins sail 3-4 ft out of the w...

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...hey show their affection by playing patty cakes and “holding hands” and touching each other with their tails. Spinner Dolphins are known to touch each other more than other species of dolphin. In Hawaii spinner dolphins are called “nai’ a” and have been helping the local fishermen for over 800 years. Spinner dolphins are going endangered. The biggest threat is pollution in their waters. Eating plastic will choke them, chemicals will burn their skin. Noise pollution is also bad for the dolphins, boats. off-shore drilling, and mining can damage their hearing. You should never swim with wild dolphins, usually they are trying to rest and in their sleep patterns. Swimming with them will disrupt them and possibly make them move to a different location that may not be as safe. They are wild animals and should be treated with caution, they have very unpredictable behaviors.
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