Spider Man Vs Batman Essay

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Collapsing to his knees, Batman admits defeat at the hand of comic book legend, Spider-man. Throughout the years, many people have argued about whom of these two super heroes is better. Both Spider-man and Batman have their own unique stories, abilities, and set of super villains and no one can argue that both aren't exceptional super heroes. However, through proven facts, statistics, comic books, television shows, and movie references determine for all who the better super hero is between these two. If were to ever happen, in a fight to the death, Spider-man would destroy Batman with his marvelous super powers, courage, and intelligence.

Unlike Batman, who was nicknamed the "Dark Knight" due to foreboding and his dark character, Spider-man, AKA Peter Parker, is a genuine kid with strong morals and ethics who cares about virtually every citizen of New York city. While both Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne had a rough upbringing and many drastic family tragedies, only Peter was able to keep an optimistic and stable character. Peter Parker has also had to over come challenges that have strongly challenged and questioned his heroism, but have made him a better hero and strengthened his admirable character. Through his many rough experiences, Peter Parker has become a well-balanced hero, who has come to believe and demonstrate that “with great power comes great responsibility”.

The coolest thing about Spider-man is that he not only has super mutant abilities, but he is also outstandingly smart and ambitious. Even from an early age Peter Parker was fascinated by and skilled in math and science, inheriting the genius of his father. Peter has been portrayed as a brilliant student and has even worked beside the notable research scientist. ...

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...e purpose of this paper, we can assume that Batman and Spider-man have never fought each other before this day. Even if they had and Batman had studied his opponent’s weaknesses, Spider-man’s strategy and fighting style is ever changing and adapting. Finally, Batman, with his strength, intelligence, mental instability, and unlimited resources, seems to mirror one of Spider-man’s most infamous super villains, The Green Goblin, who Spider-man destroyed.

Although Batman is an amazing super hero, who’s had some awesome movies and video games, made about him, when it comes down to what really matters, Spider-man is the better of the two super heroes. With his admirable character, numerous super powers and genius mind, Spidey is more than capable of defeating Batman. Whether you are a DC fan or a Marvel man, the facts don’t lie, Spider-man is better superhero than Batman.
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