Spider Man Vs Batman Essay

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Who is the better superhero Batman or Spider-Man?

Who are the two superheroes that come to mind when someone asks something about superhero movies or comics? Batman and Spider-Man. Who are the most iconic superheroes? According to Yahoo Finance, which superheroes are in the top 10 most worn costumes for Halloween in 2013? Batman at number 3 and Spider-Man at number 10. Both of these men are the best superheroes in the eyes of many people. They also have a lot in common. They both got their start as comics moved to cartoons and made their way to the big screen. To start, the lives of these men are very similar. Bruce Wayne, more commonly known as Batman, was born into wealth by Thomas and Martha Wayne, but when both parents are murdered right in front off a young Bruce. After being sent to live with his butler Alfred. He knew what he would dedicate his life to and that was fighting crime in the city of Gotham. Even though Batman did not have any superpowers, he prevailed against his enemies by using his intellect, physical attributes, and very crafty weapons to end crime wearing his iconic bat symbol hiding his identity. Now Spider-Man, more commonly known as Peter Pan, was not born into to wealth but to a middle class household by Richard and May Parker, but while Peter was young his parents were killed in a car accident and a young Peter was sent to live with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. After a couple of years, Peter was on a high school field trip to a laboratory and there Peter was bit by a radioactive spider. That was the beginning of the Spider-Man. Soon after discovering his powers, Peter’s Uncle Ben was gunned down. From that moment on Spider-Man’s life goal was to avenge his Uncle’s death and put an end to the crime in N...

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...use Batman saves lives without having any powers and that lets people relate to him. It is hard to relate to a superhero that can shoot webs and climb building like a spider when a normal person cannot do that. Batman builds unbelievable gadgets to defeat his nemesis. Batman has a bat mobile, bat tank, bat motorcycle, and a bat helicopter as his vehicles. Batman also has gadgets like sonar, armor that is hard to penetrate, bat ring that works like a boomerang just to name a few of the gadgets he has on his utility belt. Superheroes like Spider-Man that have super powers can rely on their powers while Batman has to rely on his intelligence, strength and gadgets to defeat enemies. Ultimately, both of these men put there lives on the line to help the people of their city. Some may do it better than others and I feel as if Spider-Man is the better superhero of the two.

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