Spicy Food Essay

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Why Spicy Foods are Good for Your Heart A spice may be presented in several forms which include fresh, pre-ground dried, or whole dried, and are all essential for the health of your heart. The spice flavor is derived from compounds that evaporate or oxidize when exposed to the air. Most spices have significant health benefits and delicious tastes which have made them to be used over the centuries by different cultures across the world. Health experts recommend spicy foods due to their high levels of capsaicin contents. Some examples of spices used in foods include peppers, ginger, coriander, turmeric, and cumin. The following are some benefits associated with the use of spices in your meals. • Promote heart health Hot peppers assist the heart…show more content…
They help in boosting the immune system by preventing infections and inflammations in body cells tissues and tissues. • Improve digestion Spices boost and control the hydrochloric acid discharge in the stomach. Therefore, they increase the blood flow to the stomach and mucous lining along the digestive tract. Capsaicin assists in suppressing bacteria like H. pylori and also to cures stomach ulcers. Nevertheless, one may get heartburn due to spicy foods and this may be relieved by the use of antacid tablets to neutralize stomach acids. Conclusion Spicy foods are enjoyed all over the world because they add incredible amounts of flavor on what people consume. Different cultures add spices to their meals so as to add taste and heat to their ingredients but this is also of great beneficial to their health especially in controlling diseases. Recent studies suggest that spicy foods generally provide more benefits to the health of a person than it was previously thought. However, consuming too much spicy foods regularly can result to heartburn due to the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. But generally, spices should be added to meals for health purpose and should also be regulated to achieve their benefits more so to the
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