Spencer Case Study: Marks And Spencer

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Marks & Spencer Case Study
Ryan McLaws
Southern New Hampshire University

Marks & Spencer case study Abstract
The English retailer Marks and Spencer aims to be the most sustainable major global retailer in the world. To expedite this process, they have configured sustainability as one of their core strategies. Marks and Spencer have made a clear commitment: Plan A will measure milestones, timelines and employee accountabilities. The sustainability strategy that is being integrated into every business function and strategic business unit; will involve suppliers, employees and more increasingly customers. (Richardson, Page 98, 2015)
This is a short paper analysis that will examine two potential
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With that the firm began to see declines in sales and realized a need reevaluate their business policies and practices. After much consideration it was decided to implement the sustainability policy that would once again set them apart from their competition. (Richardson, Page 98, 2015)
Given the recent market share problems and competition facing M&S, what are the two highest risks with embarking on a voluntary program of social responsibility at this time?
Financial and Reputation Risk; A firm must make its business decisions and changes that will benefit the environment and society, and guarantee the sustainability of the firm’s projects. In implementing a new program, however, the first risk is the financial impact and bottom line. There is a possibility that without proper project management that the efforts made by the firm will not yield a positive ROI, which in turn add stress to the relationship between the firm’s stakeholders and management. If the funds being funneled into these programs are not allocated wisely, there could be a potential waste of limited resource and reduce the shareholders profit. (Jo & Harito,
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What else is important is developing a strategy. This will help identify the KPI’s and also structure an attack plan to eventually address any issues. (D. Wong; 2011)

In relation to sustainability, more and more this aspect is becoming very important for a company’s bottom line and for them to differentiate themselves from their competition that fails to establish a sustainability program. In a macro sense, it ethically responsible to establish a sustainability program to identify ways that the firm can make a difference globally and reduce their overall expense and
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