Speedo or Tyr Through The Water

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Lungs burning, muscles screaming out in pain, the symphony of cheers reduced to a mere whisper, the rush of water like a typhoon in your ears. The body in the lane next to you, the moment they become your sister or brother, the moment they become your worst enemy. The hundredths of a second ticking by as if they are trying to race you; they will seal your fate. An entire world reduced to nothing but a black line, the path to success, the road to the all important goal: getting a P.R. “I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time,” Michael Phelps, an Olympic gold medalist, once stated. This is the life of a swimmer. We train hard to swim hard, and we swim hard for ourselves and ourselves alone. We push past our own limits to reach out to our dreams, and then we push harder to grasp them. Essentially every swimmer’s goal upon entering a race is to get a P.R., or a personal record. However, preparation for success begins long before the buzzer signals the beginning of the race. There are many factors that affect a swimmer’s time, ranging from body hair to pool temperature. In fact, a swimmer’s swimsuit can also affect his or her time. Because swimsuits can be such an important variable, swimmers look for specific qualities in their swimsuits: speed, comfort, and durability. A “fast” swimsuit is a swimsuit that has minimal drag; in other words, a skin-tight swimsuit. However, considering that competition swimsuits are always made with the intention of having as little drag as possible, the real dilemma comes down to whether comfort or durability is more important. In my experience, as a swimmer myself, I have noticed that you can never get a perfect balanc... ... middle of paper ... ...e competition swimsuits met their stretched out, worn thin grave all too soon when considering their price. Both Speedo and Tyr Swimwear are good competition swimsuit brands that provide a quality product each time. In the end, it comes down to a personal preference: comfort or durability. Personally, I prefer the comfortable option and typically purchase Tyr swimsuits even though they require a bit more of an investment. As Michael Phelps once declared, “I have reached a place in my life where I need to sit down and say, 'Well, what do I do? What's best for me?' I need to look into options for the future.” Look into your future, into the race, into the seconds ticking by, and visualize the moment you reach your P.R. because, although your swimsuit can affect your time, the race is won or lost in your mind, before the official even announces, “Swimmers step up.”

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