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Speech: Spay Your Cat 1. Did you know that every un-spayed female cat and her offspring might produce up to 420,000 kittens over a seven-year period? 2. Today, you will realize the effect un-spayed cats can have on increasing the number of the stray feline population. 3. Almost everyone has a stray cat roaming the neighborhood, and should be concerned. Stray cats can spread diseases, and are a menace to society. In order to keep our neighborhoods clean and safe; everyone needs to address this issue. A. I have encountered this problem myself. 1. When I lived in an apartment, I lived next door to a couple who refused to spay their two female cats. a. Clint and Tracy didn't think their cats would be the same if they had them spayed, so they never had them fixed. b. Their two female cats produced a constant steam of kittens. c. At least two times a year, their cats were pregnant, and had anywhere from 3 to 9 kittens at a time. 2. Each times the kittens were born; they would just as quickly disappear. This made me really suspicious. a. So, I decided to adopt one of their kittens, and ask how they had gotten rid of the others so quickly. b. I was shocked when Tracy told me, they would drive the kittens they weren't able to give away to the river, and let them go wild. c. When I remembered all the liters of cute little kittens that had been born year after year, only to become wild, diseased strays, I was astonished. B. Unfortunately, my neighbors are not the only people lacking in responsibility, and willing to burden society with their unwanted cats. 1. In the same great apartment, I also encountered another stray cat situation. a. A pregnant, wild ... ... middle of paper ... ...emning yourself to live in a roach infested environment. 1. People are willing to pay for pest control to avoid this unhealthy lifestyle. No one would want roaches procreating to the point of infestation. 2. Similarly, if people do not spay their cats it will eventually lead to severe overpopulation, which would leave us outnumbered. We would be left to comply with the environment created by stray cats. 1. All the dirty, mangy, diseased stray cats living in our neighborhoods, were probably once cute little kittens someone did not want to take the responsibility for, just by spaying their cat. 2. We must do, as Bob Barker of The Price is Right always asks, "Help control the pet population, have your pet spayed or neutered." 3. If you only want one cat, please have it spayed, so everyone else does not have to care for the remaining 419,000.

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