Speech On Poverty In Africa

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Today in this globe, children are suffering and bombing every day from poverty and hunger. Poverty is major a leading problem in African’s children causing not only a physical health issues, but emotional, educational, and societal problems as easily. Many of these kids are really ill from the water they drink and not even getting decent food or from extremely contagious diseases passed throughout their small towns. Poverty has the worst result on people living in Africa, poverty is a problem all over. It leaves people hungry, and sick, and with no real space to kip. Some answers to poverty are simple, but more people are needed to want to serve. If more people consumed their time and money to travel to Africa to help fetch the people health…show more content…
About 5 million children die each year from malnourishment in Africa. Not alone does the lack of food majorly affect the kids affected by poverty, but the water supply also has a vast impact on them. There are not enough water supplies that are near most of these people, or that is healthy and clean. Every day children have to walk miles to the nearest water supply, which is mostly out of streams or rivers that livestock use too. The water is infested with so many diseases that more than 50 percent of African children suffer from water related diseases. Some of the diseases are river blindness, bilharzias, sleeping sickness, guinea worm disease, malaria, cholera, and infant diarrhea. All of these diseases being serious, long-term infections, which kill many people every day. There’s a huge impact poverty has on people all over the globe. Although people try to dismiss it, everywhere you look there are people struggling with poverty and the effects from it. On that point are a great deal of causes why our cosmos is hence touched by poverty, one reason being the world is so over populated. Since there are so many people in the world in that respect is not enough jobs for people, which leaves people with really low paying or no
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