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Essay on the importance of reading Each night my mother would read me a bedtime story, be it a fairytale, a Doctor Seuss or a Nancy Drew mystery, I was engrossed. Thus began my journey as a reader. Reading seems to have become a lost art – a rarely enjoyed pleasure. In the United States, the median number of books read was 6 per year per person; the average was 15 thanks to avid-readers. Reading fiction and nonfiction is an escape; a way to get away for a few hours and live multiple lives. Furthermore, creativity goes hand in hand with literature, without it, society would be far less rich and complex. Finally, books are a wealth of knowledge; they teach us lessons in morality, in humility, in selflessness, and in what being human is at its essence. My philosophy in life is simple: pick up a book, finish it, put it down and pick up the next one. Reading has provided me a endless form of entertainment incomparable with anything else. Reading a book is not like watching a movie or listening to music, it’s a process that firstly entertains you for a longer period, and…show more content…
Reading has become a fundamental tool in teaching children as well as adults. It’s one of the first things we learn in school, it’s something that we are required to do throughout our lives for work. We read to stay informed, we read to continue learning, thus growing as human beings. We are constantly bombarded with words that our brains instantly process, and yet few things are equivalent to the lessons we learn in books. Books teach us how to be human. They teach us to interact with each other, how to converse and discuss ideas. By reading, we face moral issues, we get to express feelings often ignored in “real life”. We feel compassion for the characters, we feel injustice in certain situations, and we feel love, hate, grief, and an endless multitude of facets in human
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