Speech On Freedom Of Speech

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What does freedom of speech mean to you? Does freedom of speech to you, means you have the right to express yourself without government intervention? Or do you know there is a limit to what you can or cannot say under freedom of speech? Our founding fathers in the First Amendment writes, “The United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law abridging the freedom of speech”(Wikipedia). With that being said, the constitution is the law of the land, making free speech a civil liberty that is associate to every citizen of the United States of America. When the Supreme Court’s ruling came out asserting, “marriage equality is the law of the land,” Eric Rosswood reported in his article, “Tennessee Store Owner Bans 'The Homosexual People…show more content…
According to Kathleen Ann Ruane, the author of “Freedom of Speech and Press: Exceptions to the First Amendment,” the Supreme Court has announced types of speech that are unprotected and may be forbidden completely under the First Amendment, ‘fighting words’ is one of them ( 1). An individual’s speech can be categorized as ‘fighting words’ when the nature of their speech, as Ruane has mentioned, “inflict[s] injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace”( 3). Since, ‘fighting words’ speech can have either outcome, Amyx’s speech should be considered as a ‘fighting words’ speech. Lets assumes that Amyx’s sign, “No Gays Allowed,” did not inflict injury; however, due to Amyx’s intention to not allow gays in his store, his expression tries incite an immediate breach of the peace as a result of his discontent with the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality. And the breach of peace is the dissatisfaction and retaliation shown by his customers who supported marriage equality and made critiques via social media. According to Rosswood, they[the customers] have responded by filling Amyx’s store page on Yellow Pages with substantially low ratings and unpleasant…show more content…
An individual’s sexuality is their decision, it is their freedom of speech. The world needs more people who can comprehend changes in living standards and the dynamic and diversify cultures. Amyx is an example of an individual who is ignorant and stagnant to changes that is taking place, the world need less people like him who discriminate other people on their sexual orientation or of any other matters. We need more people who can accept differences in an ever changing living
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