Speech For Henry Ford

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I think the next monument should be a person that caused a spark in history. Old innovations are so important today because we have the opportunity to improve and build off that idea. I believe a monument of Henry Ford should be made in the National Mall mostly because of his success story. Henry Ford was a young entrepreneur who was told, he wouldn't last more than six months in business. He proved them wrong by becoming one of the wealthiest people in the world.
Henry Ford was an American icon and founder of the Ford Motor Company he was the son of Irish immigrants. And from an early age, he had interest in engineering. He was motivated to learn as much as he could. And took various apprenticeships and jobs of manufacturing companies. When
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His net worth in today's dollars would be 188.1 billion dollars. Over three times richer than Bill Gates! By following his interest and by taking steps every day to move his business forward, Ford was able to build a powerhouse company and become one of the richest people in the world. I feel like Henry Ford would emphasize the phrase to never quit. He would enforce the idea that whatever your business is, make sure you follow your passion and never give up on your dreams. Take small steps every day to build your business and over time those little steps will transform into giant leaps forward. When Ford first told the world that he wanted to create a quality car that could be mass-produced and affordable. He wasn't taken seriously. Common thoughts were if Ford does that he'll be out of business in six months. Ford didn't blow up instantly but he kept trying until he finally invented the Model T, which went on to sell over 15 million units. A record that stood for the next forty-five years…show more content…
Secondly, Ford emphasized quality in America. Ford’s idea was to create his business reputation and, create the best quality product or service possible. He believed in not only bring in more customers to his door but also give them the feeling that what he was doing was right. Ford placed his name on the company and wanted to make sure that it stood for quality. He felt that if one of his cars broke down on his customer, that he was personally to blame. He also didn't believe in rushing into a new business until he had a hundred percent confidence in the quality of the product that would be created. He felt that this was one of the major reasons why many businesses failed. Ford stated “I do not believe in starting to make until I have discovered the best possible thing. This, of course, doesn't mean that a product should never be changed, but I think that it will be found more economical in the end not even to try to produce an article until you have fully satisfied yourself.” Lastly, Ford showed great use of teamwork. He stressed that you can't build anything substantial on your own till at some point you build a team around you. Ford ignored all of the person's history and prior work experience. Instead, he looked for a willingness to work and believe that
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