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As a recent high school graduated listened and read those commencement speech, I have been thinking about my future how is going to be, and it was like start a new chapter of life in a clean page. The commencement speech gives a lot of advice of how future is going to happen and how hard life I have to go through. During the commencement speech class of 2014, the principal got me thinking about my future, and it was like there is either emotion of sadness nor happiness. The sadness things are I’m going to miss my high school, friends and teachers. The happiness things are I now know there is a bright future waiting for me. These speech is a lesson for us to be learn. The writer of these speech know what is going on because they had…show more content…
The principal announce this quote from his commencement speech, “ Students, Class of 2014 stand up and said thank you to your family that they here for you!” Today, my family are sitting in the graduation ceremony watching me graduate on stage to receive my diploma and see me growing up. They were proud of me of what I have done to become an educated son. They always there when I need help from them, it was like a teacher to me. They told me everything that life how is going to be in the future, and they teach me a lesson or give advice everyday. “ You need to study hard in school and you will have a good future ahead” my mom said. My parents always think that education is an important thing to have, and they want me to have these to do better in the future. They didn 't have a chance like me to go to school, and now they have to work hard to raise a family. They didn’t want me to make bad mistake as they did because college or school is within reach for me to attend. I want to make them proud of me that I went to college and become an adult because they raise me and their hard work will be thankful. For example, my mom told me to finish all my homework everyday, and they want me to do good in school. She want me became an educated person, and the world will need a person like this one day. It make me feel my family helped me a lot to achieve my future, and I would…show more content…
During the commencement speech, I was thinking that these friends I have together in class want me to have a better future in college. I want them to do the same thing too. All these friends in your high school will be attended different colleges and their future will do good for our world. After all these friends I have meet in high school, I will meet new friends in college. These friends in college doesn 't have similarity personality to high school anymore. I will not hanging out with them in a comfortable zone like I did in high school. After school, I might tell my friends to go hang out at my place, but college is not like that anymore. They would go home and study for the test, and they have other important work to do. I will have limited of friends to hang out and I need to start my future in college. The last time I will see high school friends is the date that I graduate, and I might miss them forever and wish them luck in the future. My future will be meeting new friends and communicate with others in college in a limited ways not like high
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