Speech Disorders and Reading Skills

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Rationale and Strategy:

Growing up, my brother had a speech impediment and now after completing three years of speech therapy he speaks close to normal with minimal grammar/phonological errors. But his reading and reading comprehension is terrible. He doesn’t understand what he is reading and sometime has to read the same paragraph three times. I have watched him struggle from the start and I want to find ways that can help him with his reading. Therefore, I want to understand the connection between a language delay, and a child’s reading skills.

I will research why reading skills seem to be affected by a speech disorder then try to come up with a soultuion to help reading in children with this disorder. I will test my solution on my 10 year old brother who was diagnosed with a speech impediment at the age of 4. I want to find ways to help him because he is in 5th grade and reading at a minimal 4th grade reading level. I will do research on language delays, specifically on childhood apraxia of speech, to get a better understanding of how they affect a child since speech disorders is not a big topic we learn about in classes. Then I will do research on the reading level and skills of a 10 year old. I will observe my brother and compare his reading skills to the skills that he should be reading with for his age. I will have my brother read six passages. Two stories that match grade 4 standards, two stories that match grade 5 standards and then two passages that match grade 6 standards. He will read and answer questions for one story from each grade level on his own, then read and answer questions for one story from each grade level with my help. He will read the stories out loud and then answer the questions and if he needs hel...

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