Speech Class Reflection: The Importance Of Speech

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Speech class has allowed me to give better speeches and presentations. I have improved various abilities in speech given. After speech class I still require improvements in various abilities. I will need to work on making improvements in the areas that need improvements. I found speech class to help me in other classes throughout the semester where I had to give presentations. Through speech class I have learned how to make effective outlines, writing a manuscript, better powerpoint presentations, more comfortable in front of people and doing a speech with no notecard. Learning to have an effective outline helps with the manuscript. A manuscript that follows the outline helps makes writing the manuscript easier. Also having a manuscript helps you in knowing what to say and…show more content…
I grew comfortable enough for my last speech that I didn’t have a note card. Not having a notecard I felt confident in what I was going to say and the powerpoint also helped. I am an introvert and being in front of people is not easy. There is still room for improvement in talking in front of people.
Speech class has taught me how to write a manuscript, effective outline and visual aids. A manuscript helps knowing what you 're going to say. An effective outline helps in also knowing what you 're going to say but also help in writing the manuscript. An effective visual aid helps enhance what you are trying to say and help in remember what you are going to say. Also talking in front of people has become better over the semester which Will require improvement. After speech class I still have improvements I can make. Improvements I can make are getting more comfortable in front of people, better preparation and more concrete outlines. These three improvements I think I need to make. I know I will make improvements through practice. I know that there will not be perfection the areas I need to

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