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Grandparents are the best of friend and kind person you will ever meet. They love and care about their granddaughter very much. Children enjoy spending time with their grandparents because they are full of story and they always seem to have candy or cookie with them. Children are always excited to about their grandparents ' visitations especially on holidays or birthdays. They hoped that one day they will see their granddaughter grow up and change the world. A Long the way their life turn upside down and they never get to see that day comes to pass. One day they are here and then they are gone leaving you behind wondering what you have done to keep them longer. First of all, great-grandmother Abena was not just an ordinary woman. She was talented, adventurous, friendly and joyful person you will ever meet. When grandmother Abena was younger, she traveled around the…show more content…
She made her storytelling her second jobs and she loved making children laugh. She sell her food in the market by a day and tell stories by the night. Sometimes children would walk from miles away just to come and sit down by the fire to listen to my grandma tell stories about different kind of people she meets on her journey. Children and adult younger would circle around the fire. My grandmother would stand in the middle in front of the drummers and everyone focuses their eyes on her. Everyone was every quiet as if they were watching their favorite television show at home. Children were running around like it was Halloween and they were going trick or treat on the street. Children enjoy listening to my grandmother’s stories and learn lessons from her stories. My grandmother was an inspirational to people in her village and you can say that she was the voice in the wilderness which speaks for everyone. My grandmother Abena helped many people but after her tragic accident, she could no longer help anyone nor

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