Speech About My Family

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To Mark, Dina, Alexa, mom, dad, my sisters, and all of my family and friends. As I sit here to share the experiences of my life I find myself in tears as I know that I will greatly miss all of you as our lives will continually change in the future. My girls will grow up and go off to college and start families of their own, family and friends will become busy with their own families and we may not see each other much as we expand our families with beautiful little babies, and saddened with the thoughts of those who will become God 's Angels. The one thing I want to share with you the most is should I pass before you, I want you to celebrate my life. Please do not become one of those families who only see each other at weddings and funerals,…show more content…
I was blessed with two very loving and hard working parents who gave me my two best friends I could ever ask for, my sisters. We laughed, we fought, we played, we fought, and then we grew up. One thing I want my girls to know is that no matter how much you think that your sister is the most annoying person in the world, they will be your true best friend(s) as you get older. Not because they are family and they have to love you or talk to you, but because you can 't imagine not having them in your lives. Your true friends will be friends for life. Those that you think are truly your friends will let you down and may move on to not being the same person you once thought them to be. This is ok. You will find that your friends will change as you get older. Your family will always be family and there for…show more content…
You showed me what true love is and I am forever grateful for you coming into mine and the girls life. I trust you with mine while I 'm here on earth as well as if I should pass away. You have total control of my estate. Everything that was once mine or ours is yours. The girls will be taken care of financially with their portion of my life insurance that they are named beneficiaries on. My one request is that you do not stray away from my family that loves you so much. They need you as much as you need them and they love you very much. Promise me that you will not spend your time away from me alone. I want my sister Joelle to hook you up with somebody, she did a great job introducing the two of us. I also want this woman to be open to the fact that you have two daughters that will give her a hard time, but in the end, if she is the right woman for you and the girls they will be accepting. Always continue to sind karaoke even if you have to hire somebody to drive the van and pick up all of the “Gang” should I not be here to drive since I was always so much younger than
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