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Have you ever been to Ashland City? If so, then you would know that just about every person there could tell you about Lloyd Harris. I was blessed enough to have this man as my great-grandfather. My great-grandfather was a wonderful man. The qualities that Mr. Harris possessed that I think are the most admirable are his tremendous work ethic, his dependability and his willingness to give to others. Unfortunately, he passed away four months ago and I feel that writing this paper will give me an opportunity to honor him and the life he led.
My great-grandfather was always working. He has been working ever since he has been old enough to walk. Lloyd Harris owned his own farm and began providing for a family at the age of twenty. He worked every
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My great-grandfather has given my family the opportunity to have everything we have been blessed to have. He gave my parents the land we live on, which for that I will be forever grateful. He even bought my dad his first company, Armstrong Pie Company in Hickman County, Tennessee. When my dad decided to sell the pie company, Mr. Harris gave my dad a job in the bail bonding business, which he still works for today. I will never forget when a lady came up to my mother at his funeral and told her about the day she got behind my great-grandfather at McDonalds and how he paid for her meal. I know that it was just a meal at the local Kentucky Fried Chicken, but the lady said that he did it for her because he watched her count all the coins in her pockets and scanning the menu to figure out what she could afford with the few quarters she had, and that he truly turned her bad afternoon into a great one. It is those small random acts of kindness that can change someone’s day around for the better. Being willing to give to others is important because you just never know what is going on in a person’s life, they could be depressed and feeling as if no one cares about them, and if you even just say something to make them feel better it might keep them from making a permanent fix to a temporary problem. Petway Church of Christ was first established when my great grandparents were extremely young, and they are the sole reason that the church is still up and running. My great-grandfather poured his heart, sole and money into that church that has a congregation of about twenty, just because he wanted to give the people of the Petway Community a place to worship. I believe that he is so willing to give to others because he had to do without a lot for his entire life. Many years ago, a random lady came knocking on my great-grandparent’s door to simply ask about my great-grandfather’s health,

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