Speech About Confidence

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Confidence isn’t everything right? Wrong. Okay maybe it’s not EVERYTHING, but I believe that confidence is something everyone needs. Being able to appear strong and content with yourself to just about anyone and everything out there is key to even the slightest bit of success. Once upon a time even I was unconfident and unhappy with myself. I remember caring so much about my appearance and what people thought about me. Back in primary school everyone didn’t care as much. People could dress like homeless rugrats and not worry about people’s opinions. I remember the day I started worrying about this so vividly. I had met my best friend at the time and she told me to wear my hair down more often because I looked “prettier.” Her opinions on me became more frequent as the year passed, and I always thought that was a good thing. That she helped me in some way. My mind let her control me and dress me the way society thought was “pretty” and “beautiful.” Little did I know a year or two later I would be forcing foundation into my skin and carving my cheekbones with a $40 contour palette. My face now covered in shimmering pink and gold, long eyelashes and big bold red lips, I was officially accepted by society’s standards. I use to think that waking up 2 hours…show more content…
Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” - Helen Keller. I’ve done some research and it seems that confidence wasn’t a big struggle back then. Either people loved themselves more than anything or they straight didn’t care at all. Fast forward to current day there are girls slowly killing themselves due to built up eating disorders caused by low self confidence. 85% of people in this world struggle with low self esteem, so that is 85% too much. It is a fact that 70% of girls/boys who struggle with confidence end up cutting, smoking, drinking, or having an eating disorder. Most of people’s self harm is due to confidence and being unhappy with who they
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