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An invasion of England has begun, and it is up to Queen Elizabeth to prepare a speech to her fellow troops to defend her people from danger. Queen Elizabeth reassures her troops safety in battle in order for them to risk their life to defend her kingdom. In response to an invasion of Spain, Queen Elizabeth gains the troops’ trust to create a bond with them so that they are more eager to fight. She assures her army that she will not mislead them into their downfall as she has “always behaved that under God” (6). Her reference to religion displays her obedience towards the church and the absolute authority, emphasizing her loyalty to her men. By referring to God and using religious diction, she accomplishes her goal of bonding herself to her troops religiously in order to persuade her men to enter battle. Furthermore, she reassures her army's protection by placing all of her “strength and safeguard” into them (7). The repetition of “s” in “strength and safeguard” indicates a smooth and soothing sound that contributes to the reassurance Queen Elizabeth places on her troops. Through ...

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