Spectacular Violence In Sport

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Spectacular violence in sport (Robert W, Robert L. Boucher)
In this article the Authors want to say that now a day’s sports event are increasing rapidly in a society. In this research the authors says that wild state of people increasing. In this research the author express the violence of past and present. The sports physiologist has attempted to read the spectacular violence by focusing on individual person. The sports sociologist used theories to see the determinant of people violence. This research is necessary to understand the violence. In the past certain reports are recorded of spectacular violence. The case of spectacular violence is to study the concept of physiology and sociology.

A role of team and organizational identification in the success of cause-related sport marketing (Jaedeock Lee, Mauricio Ferreira)
In this research the authors are expressing the sport marketer are engaged in cause related sport marketing, now interest is increasing to understand what are the circumstances can lead them to success. This research examined the direct and moderate image of team identification and cause organization identification on consumer behaviour toward base related sport marketer. Through the research two groups subjects and post-test shows the positive response towards high fit on attitude because related sport marketer has different controlling effect. It shows major and positive role when consumer shows less attraction toward cause.

Involvement of the health industry in the fight against doping in sport (Olivier Rabin)
The substances used for doping are legal medication are deviated to restore their health. The main challenge are faced by anti-doping consultants, the future doping trends, to assess ...

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...The fitness planning program of Olympic glory in China, they want to keep going as for people worry with sport as physical fitness is outstanding, China launched modern sports facilitation in their country. The information technology department, they have wide range of increasingly new spots and facilities, they have major application of automation systems and sports facilities, communication systems for event management, ticket access control system, contest information systems, television systems, Command and Control System, also the use of computer technology, image examination, training and data entry system, decision making. This article focuses on new information technology system in stadium and tried to expand new method for future. For the promotion of China’s economy and they tried hard to determine the student quality and the cause of sport in China.