Specialty Cheese Company

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Specialty Cheese Company

The Specialty Cheese Company is a dynamic, small company that has thought about its future. The company has been around since 1839. It has survived when there were over 4000 cheese companies, The Great Depression and over 150 years of leadership. With less than 150 cheese companies in the United States, the Specialty Cheese Company has three United States Department of Agriculture approved functioning companies.

Starting out with over approximately 60 people, the Specialty Cheese has increased its cheese making capabilities and has doubled in employee size within the last five years. The Company is made of skilled and certified cheese makers. Since the company is stationed in Wisconsin, it has at least one major advantage over some of its competition that are in other states. The company receives its milk daily from over 60 local dairy farmers verses importing it from across the state or elsewhere. The money that is saved from shipping costs on milk seems to be reinvested back into the company. They have established a great reputation by winning awards for their products. They take pride in producing new varieties of cheese, producing ethnic traditions from around the world, and improving the quality of their existing cheeses.

Even though only one percent of their sales come from the Internet, Specialty Cheese is not going to miss out on any opportunity to sale its cheese. They have a professional Webmaster handling their website. The website is a marketing tool of today and the future. It provides free recipes, information on the company, the ability to place online orders, foodservice distributors, retail stores, frequently asked question and much more. Having a professional Webmaster on staff helps market their cheese to customers that the company might miss. The dynamics of the web pages are easy to navigate, clear, concise, and appealing.

Paul Scharrman who owns the Specialty Cheese Company monitors, the market place and conducts competitive intelligence. He builds profiles consisting of facts and intuition over long periods of time. These profiles of the competition are gathered at trade shows, talking to customers, and visiting popular outlets. After studying the profiles, the Specialty Cheese can decide on what type of strategy it will take to stay ahead of the competition. Scharman must reevaluate his company often because of the unpredictability of the market place and trends.

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