Special Needs Reflection

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As an educators, we never stop learning new ways in how to help students with special needs succeed in the classroom. For this reason, we must learn and work together collaboratively to create new ways to promote student learning. Reflecting to adjust instructional strategies is one thing that every educator must implement in the classroom to meet the different needs of students with special needs. As an educator, I have experienced that everything we do in the classroom, affects our students positively or negatively. Therefore, we must be aware of the different needs that our students have and implement the proper modifications and accommodations that will make them to be successful. According to Friend and Bursuck (2009), it is very essential…show more content…
One way that I have deepened my knowledge and understanding of students with special needs is that I feel more confident about fulfilling the needs of students with different needs. For instance, in one of the assignments, I was required to model a student with a disability of speech impairment and I learned about the different strategies that could be utilized to meet the needs of students with this type of disability. Taking the role of a student with a special need took me to understand better how students with special needs feel in the classroom as well as the reasons why students with special needs might behave inappropriate. I deepened my knowledge in a way that I perceive myself being more prepared to resolve issues affecting the learning of the students because I have acquired effective teaching methods in how to respond to student behavior without confronting them. In addition, I have acquired a variety of teaching strategies that will be implemented in my future lessons to help my students with disabilities meet their needs. I also deepened my knowledge in terms of the different types of modifications and accommodations that must be implemented to all students with disabilities as well as the interventions and student contracts that must be created to help them succeed in their

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