Special Needs Child Case Study

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1. What do you consider to be one of your greatest challenges in being a parent of a child with a severe disability?
There are several challenges and blessings to being a parent of a special needs child. Additionally, the challenges have changed as our child has grown. When she was little the greatest challenge was probably accepting the disability and how others perceived the disability as well. As she grew, it was the worry about educational and medical options that would best benefit and assist our child. Currently, the greatest challenge is learning how to handle the frequent outburst and tantrums our child is having at home and at school. Every new stage in growth and development seems to present its own blessings and challenges.
2. What is one of the major goals you want your child to accomplish by the end of his public school education?
One of the major goals that I want my child to accomplish by the end of her public school career would be to become fully potty trained. We have
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The parent discussed the fact that it was hard to decide on what aspect was most challenging since the “challenging aspect” had changed depending on the age of the child. This is an important aspect for all special needs educators to remember when establishing and fostering relationships with families of special needs students. As the textbook states, “Each family is a unique unit that changes as it goes through the stages and transitions of the family life cycle” (Martha E. Snell, 2011, p. 60). The textbook goes on to explain that special education professionals need to be aware of life cycle stages and transitions. “Two dimensions of the family life cycle that are important for educators to understand include (a) life-cycle stages and (b) life-cycle transitions” (Martha E. Snell, 2011, p.
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