Special Family Circumstances

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Being raised in a Christian family my parents always told my siblings and me that God would always listen to our prayers and loves us, and since I was little I believed it. They told us that if we should always love one another and do what’s right, but I would soon find out that they were being hypocrites. From a young age I knew that drugs were things that you don’t associate yourself with because it would ruin your life, but this came into question as I started to grow up. I knew my parents had always been smoking opium, but I never knew it was an issue because they always told me that it was just their “medication”. I would always question why my parents stayed in their room all day smoking opium and never understood why they had to hide it. Until one day I realized that it was because they were using opium that made them that way. I remember being asked by a teacher what my parents’ occupation was and I didn't know how to answer because my family was on welfare and my parents told me to keep their drug addiction a secret. I was conflicted because I didn't like to lie to anyone, but because I was afraid of what they would do to my parents I just told the teacher that I didn't know. Being used to lying to both family, friends, and teachers about my parents led me to just lying about everything. I didn't have my parents to guide me or tell me what was right and wrong to set my morals and so I did as I pleased. I was practically on my own.
Most of the time my parents were in their room occupied with their addiction to the point where they would eat once a day and sleep for 15 hours or more. Seeing them outside their room, except for taking us to school, would be a rare occasion. Since we never had that many interactions with them,...

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...t subjects I missed when I didn't go to school. Getting most of my assignments completed, I barely passed my classes with C's and D's. My eyes opened to what I needed to do I applied for a summer IT training provided by a non-profit organization called Genesys Works. Genesys Works was the next step for me to figure out what I wanted in my life. They helped me further plans for college, my life goals, and sparked my interest in computers. Now with the knowledge I have I’m an intern working for Genesys as a contractor at Bremer Bank, and my GPA is gradually raising. Even though I felt alone from the start, I know that there are those who see my potential and thanks to my family and Genesys for giving me the motivation to spark my drive to succeed in life; that if I ever feel like I’m in a situation bigger than I can handle, I can always count on them for their support.

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