Speaking On Setting Educational Goals

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There may be some debate when speaking on setting educational goals but I believe people work more efficiently when a plan is in place for them to follow. With the end result being more vivid, more than just a thought in my head, my plans can be utilized for guidance and quick reference. Being capable of setting goals hasn’t usually been the problem for me it’s following them. In the past five weeks I’ve learned that there’s a lot more to constructing a goal than just setting and seeing where it lands. It takes the implementation of critical thinking and the knowledge on how your ethical outlooks can either benefit or subsequently compromise your outcome. I’ve come to the conclusion that creating and sticking to a schedule ties both into the success of my education as well as my future career path. As miniscule as it may seem I believe that forming a sound foundation is imperative if my aim is to build a strong structure. Being artistic by nature, sometimes to a fault, I tend to think outside the box when figuring out ways to complete a task. With the implementation of a schedule I will be able to efficiently filter out unnecessary objectives based on its importance to the task at hand. In short, I feel this personal goal will be vital to the success of not only my education and career but for me as well. Personally I haven’t been in school going on ten years and the initial pressure I put on myself was a bit overwhelming. One aspect that caught me off guard was how much I actually forgot about the writing process and its impact on my success. As redundant as it may seem or sound, being that a majority of people who use technology write on daily bases. Through text messages, email and social media, it seems like the mor... ... middle of paper ... ...as long as I put forth the effort the recourses are there for my success. In conclusion, the aspect of success isn’t a means to an end it’s derived from a sense of accomplishment and work ethic. Success is never easy, failure is, if success was easy it wouldn’t be favorable. With that being said I conclude with the realization success. A mixture of goals setting, ethics and logical thinking is a recipe to success I believe to be incomparable. With hard work and motivation I feel I can accomplish anything I set my mind to and to anyone reading this paper I hope it gave you a bit of insight as well because you never know my teacher may not be the only one to read this. I have come to the realization life does not have to be lived by minimal means if I open my eyes to greater possibilities and the only way that will happen is investing in my continuing academic success.
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