Spartan Culture Essay

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“Here is courage, mankind's finest possession, here is the noblest prize that a young man can endeavor to win.” -Tytaerus, a Spartan poet. In present Greece sits a place known as Sparti. It is all agriculture towns well known for their olives and citrus processing. Beautiful tree lined boulevards and ancient ruins set the attraction for this beautiful country. Ages back, this country was famous for something quite opposite than the peaceful orchards. These people definitely did not care about olives and citrus. Centuries ago Sparti was known as Sparta, and the people made their country into a legend. Spartans were known for one thing and one thing only, war. They had the best warriors around and fought battles that base movies made today! How could a country become so dedicated to war? Spartans ate, slept, and lived war. Their way of life was strict and harsh. Their ruthlessness did not hesitate for anyone, not even their own babies. Everything and everyone had to be perfect and fit for war. How could humans, with need to love and have morality, become possessed with a war craze? Let us start at the beginning. The Greek are big on mythology. Their whole history is based on their gods. They had a “god of the gods” known as Zeus. He was the most powerful of all the gods; everyone feared him and whatever offspring he bore. He allegedly had an affair with a human who bore him a son known as Hercules. Hercules was known to have the power of strength. He was powerful and could win just about every battle he fought. He was the direct descendant of the mighty Zeus himself. Now Sparta is Greek nation, so they too believed their origin was from one of these gods. Naturally a country, who based their whole life on war, would pick Hercul... ... middle of paper ... ...464 BCE, Sparta experienced an Earthquake. It left Sparta in despair. It was at this time that the helots chose to revolt. It was an equal match. The helots were able to hold the Spartans off Mount Ithome. Even at their weakest time, the Spartans were able to fight back. The war ended in a truce. The helots’ revolts were a serious matter. So much so that Sparta eagerly signed peace treaties with its enemies to deal with the internal conflict. In conclusion, the Spartans became obsessed with warfare because they were surrounded by it. Also they wanted to protect themselves from the helots that outnumbered them. The people of Sparta was strong and healthy. Sparta was their home and they gave their life for it. Their harsh lifestyle led to a strong country, a united people, and a powerful army. But like many other great civilization, Ancient Sparta came to an end.
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