Spartacus Film Analysis

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The 1960 Stanley Kubrick directed film Spartacus stars Kirk Douglas, who plays the old, but very wise Roman Gladiator. This movie was far more interesting than the others we watched in class and appeared to be very authentic at first glance. Spartacus starts the movie as a slave working in the mountains moving rocks. He is then purchased by a wealthy Roman and brought to gladiatorial school. It is here that the movie takes an unauthentic turn.
The facility Spartacus was brought to, is one far different from the one we learned about in class. In lecture 30 (“Literature and other entertainment”) on slide two, we looked at a map of a gladiatorial training center. This map shows a much more open facility than the one in the movie. This authentic gladiator training center has places to lock up people, but it is not like a prison. If gladiators wanted to escape, or didn’t want to be there, it looks as though they could without an entire group uprising like the movie portrays. The movie facility had them locked in, “forcing” them to train. The reality of the situation, similar to what we discussed in class, is gladiators wanted to be gladiators, they had a desire to stay and train. They were similar to modern day celebrities and they enjoyed the fame that came with it. This unauthentic
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According to page 235 of “Ancient Rome: A New History” the origin of gladiatorial combat comes from funeral games. It was here that “military virtues of society were celebrated” and gladiatorial combat was introduced. Spartacus the movie aims the purpose of gladiatorial fighting towards audience entertainment and revenue generation when in fact, this was not the original purpose for these matches. This puts the glorious idea of a gladiator into context and allows the viewer to understand what their original purpose was. It turns a pointless fight into a meaningful entertainment source with a
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