Spain Imperialism

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The Philippines is a country with 7,107 islands that consisted of many ethnic groups such as Cebuano, Tagalog, and Waray, and many religions such as Shamanistic, Hinduism, and Vajrayana Buddhism, until Spain completely colonized the Philippines in the year 1565. Spain colonized the Philippines for Manila’s port and Moluccas’ spices to traded better with Asia and used indirect rule to control the natives. Therefore, Spain’ imperialism over the Philippines permanently changed their culture. Spain colonized the Philippines was very benefit to Spain economic as well for the permanently changed on Filipino’s culture. Spain colonized the Philippines for Manila's port and Moluccas' spices to improve their trading with Asia such as Viet Nam, China, and Japan, to improve their wealth. Spain colonized the Philippines to controlled Moluccas known as the spice island in order to obtain many varieties of spices for following example: cinnamon, nutmeg, and adobado. Spain controlled Moluccas was a huge advantage because in the Middle Age, spices were very popular to the European nation and having...

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