Soy GMO Ban

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“Progress imposes not only new possibilities for the future but new restrictions” (Norbert Wiener), as society struggles to keep up with today's’ evolving world it begins to lose its sense of humanity. Earning money has become the key point of every large business in todays economy, yet they ignore the affects its products have on American health. In the United States today most processed foods contain Genetically Modified Crops, roughly ninety percent of American soy products are genetically modified with little restrictions. (Brassard,Susan) Despite the benefits genetically modified crops may give of a sustainable food source the health related effects it has on its consumers are questionable, the risks of ingesting the antibiotic resistant gene used to mutate the plants are still unknown, as well as other linked side effects such as developing allergic reactions.

Genetically modified organisms are created through specific laboratory techniques of combining different plant genes to create a clone to farming efficiency. (Smith, Jeffrey) Scientists use cloned plants to create crops resistant to disease and parasites, increasing its yield and ability to thrive in harsh conditions. (Wasserman,Robin) With the rapid expansion of the population in the United States less suitable farm land has become available, resulting in a nation wide food shortage in the near future. Genetically Modified Crops give a solution to a steady food supply, however the health risks involved are unknown, providing a risk factor for the health of millions of Americans.

“Biotechnology companies and “agri-business giants” claim that using technology and synthetics is the only way we can hope to supply our world population.” (Om Organics) With a growing num...

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...ered foods. Finally and most importantly, the uncertainty of the consumption for altered crops are still unknown as its companies grow larger each day. With majority of processed foods containing genetically modified crop the next step is now, the Food and Drug Administration has turned their back on this problem for far too long. The next step is to place restrictions on these fast growing genetically modified agriculture companies from dominating the agricultural businesses, if not monitored one hundred percent of todays food will become genetically modified. As americas’ population has more than doubled it has become a large industrial country, with no limits all farm lands will be overrun with Americans. The government needs to protect the environment by setting aside organic farm lands if we wish to continue flourishing as a nation.
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