South Vietnam Case Analysis

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1040 words

2. To what extent could McNarmara’s assessment be said to reflect the success of the North Vietnamese “strategy of attriting our national will”?

The goal of north Vietnam was to weaken both the US and South Vietnam so that they could rule over the South making it a whole coutry. We were keeping the south from becoming communist. Eventually we ended up leaving Vietnam because of the casualties suffered. This assessment reflects the success of the North because now there is not North and South Vietnam it is only the one Vietnam. This shows that the North ened up being victorious.

4. What assumptions did McNamara make about the support of war among the South Vietnamese, American military personell, and Americans at home?

The South Vietnamese were for the Americans helping in the fight against communism. The American military personell were …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how vietnam changed their view on america because of the horrendous acts that occurred over there. the act of killing another person was turned into a game.
  • Analyzes how mcnamara's assessment reflects the success of the north vietnamese "strategy of attriting our national will".
  • Explains woodley committed crimes against humanity because he had joined the game of killing others. he was a burden to society because no one could control him.
  • Explains that the criminal abortion laws were created in the victorian time era to limit on illicit sexual conduct.
  • Opines that mccorvey was exploited because she was not properly explained the process of abortion and what an abortion is.
  • Analyzes how the man is happy in america because he has more freedom and oppurtunities for jobs, and his children are above average in their courses.

Wade and Abortion Rights

2. According to the court, why were criminal abortion laws enacted?

The criminal abortion laws were created in the Victorian time era. They were created to limit on illicit sexual conduct.the first point was the fact that the texas courts did not advance this justification. The second reason is that abortion is looked as a medical procedure but when abortions were first used they were harmful for the female. The third reason is the states intrest in the need for protecting the prenatal life.

4. With respect to the state’s important and legitimate intrest in potential life, the “compelling” point is at viability.
This statement is talking about regulations that are enforced by the state. There is a certian point in the pregnancy that the baby is considered viable. This regulation also helps with the mothers health. The mother is benifited both physically and mentally with these regulations.

30.3 Norma McCorvey explains how she became “Roe” of Roe Vs Wade

2. Why, according to McCorvey, was she “Exploited by two self interested attorneys”? Do you agree with her? Why or why

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