South Sudan: On the Brink of Collapse

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South Sudan
South Sudan has only been independent since 2011, yet it is on the brink of collapse. Why is this happening? The country has abundant resources (Sarwar 177; Ploch 16) and has gained independence after decades of conflict (Sarwar 172-174). To begin to understand the situation, the original history of Sudan must be examined (Zambakari 516; Jok 69). Its place in the African continental history is important as well because most of the continent developed under colonialism. The independence of South Sudan on July 9, 2011, created a nation immediately at risk due to colonial history, diverse populations in opposition, and fragile infrastructure. (Working thesis statement) To succeed, South Sudan has to overcome its history of colonialism and armed conflict and proceed on a legal foundation or it is doomed for failure. The nation must provide a secure state. It should use its abundant resources to build infrastructure and adhere to sound policies to provide stability. (Working counterargument) South Sudan’s Independence Day is not yet a date to celebrate. The country’s outlook is bleak as it is considered a pre-failed nation due to its history and leadership. It is fulfilling the most negative predictions nearing its third anniversary.

Sudan & South Sudan

Almost the entire continent of Africa was colonized beginning in 1880 by European countries seeking resources and wealth during the “Scramble for Africa”. The General Act of the Berlin Conference on West Africa, in 1885, formalized the boundaries of all of Africa. The lines that were drawn had nothing to do with actual indigenous settlements. National interests and gerrymandering prevailed. Motivated by the industrial revolution, capitalism, military advancement, and t...

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