South Korean Culture: History And History Of South Korea

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South Korea
Historians around the globe have been trying to understand culture for centuries. The definition of culture is “the behaviors and beliefs characterized of a particular social, ethnic, or age group.” An individual might also say that technology, economy, government, and other cultural facts that can make a unique contrast of one group of people from one region of the world from another. Cultures have developed significantly across the continents since the beginning of time. These unique differences are because of physical terrain, weather, resources available and even years of change due to hostile conflict or maybe even a natural disaster. South Korea 's distinctive historical events, physical terrain, conflicts, and military, are
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Throughout the course of time, thoughts or passionate emotions develop as a society when approached with different situational barriers. Occasionally though, certain beliefs may also be forced onto a country during times of crisis or war. As the mid-20th century approached, a new Korea emerged after the Japanese invaded the country and officially declared possession in 1910 (Kimble, 1997). For at least 35 years, Japanese inhabitants demanded the small nation to acquire the Japanese language and imposed an education process that caused the Korean culture to repudiate its own history. The South Korean nation would finally get the chance to regain a sense of independence after the Korean War which began in 1950 and lead to the current agreement between the Northern and Southern parts of Korea in 1953. After constantly being abused by the Japanese government and the communist regime of North Korea that nearly demolished the character of the now acknowledged South Korea, the United States was able to terminate the Korean War. The army of South Korea is now highly protected and amplified with American forces. This restricts the capabilities of a modern military that has counted on a foreign military to defend its borders. Although seen as a cynical effect of the Korean War, one might also say that South Korea has had sixty years to develop its own distinctive economy and infrastructure…show more content…
South Korea chose to use a democratic system like in the U.S. and Canada, and other democratic countries. South Korea’s Constitution sets up three branches of government; the judicial, executive, and legislative branches, this establishes a checks and balances system so that no one branch can control too much of the government or hold too much power, just like in the United States. The President of South Korea is elected for a five-year term and is not eligible for reelection, after their one term. This is also “… a safeguard for preventing any individual from holding reins of government for a protracted period of time” (, 2013). Voting officials use a number of departments to assist them with legislation. This Democratic and free government allows the citizens of South Korea to appreciate many features of
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