South Beach Diet Fanatics

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South Beach Diet Fanatics Experts say many people are dieting because of the government's recent warnings about the U.S. obesity epidemic. About 64 percent of Americans are overweight or obese. Yet helping people control their weight is a tricky issue. "It's a balancing act, because on the one hand, clearly we have concerns that more and more teenagers are becoming obese," said David Sarwer, associate professor of psychology and director of education at the Weight and Eating Disorders Program at the University of Pennsylvania. "On the other hand, we don't want teenagers to be so restrictive with their food that they may develop an eating disorder." Kaelyn Eckenrode, a senior at Newtown High School in Sandy Hook, Conn., says the country's obesity problem spurs dieting. "So many Americans are obese, and people are saying, 'I don't want that to be me, so I'm going to go on the "blank" diet (Carb-Crazed).'" The South Beach Diet is the latest in a series of diet fads. However, the principals applied in the South Beach Diet are not new, they are tried and tested. The South Beach Diet is not low-carbohydrate. Nor is it low-fat. Instead, this diet teaches participants to rely on the right carbohydrates and the right fats - the good ones. As a result, participants lose weight, lower their cholesterol, reduce their risk of heart disease and diabetes, and eliminate cravings without feeling hungry. Some call it the “updated version of the Atkins diet (” The South Beach Diet teaches a way of life where a person relies on the right carbohydrates and fats in their diet. This diet allows a person--according to “to live contently without eating the bad carbohydrates and fats.” In contrast, when a person eats bad carbohydrates and fats they feel hungrier, causing them to eat more, which causes weight gain. In exchange for eating right, one become healthier and one can enjoy an eight to thirteen pound weight loss in two weeks. The Diet was created by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a highly respected cardiologist, to work with individuals body safely and effectively. This diet works in phases, the first two for a specific timeframe and the third phase for life. With the South Beach diet approach, one can stop counting calories, stop weigh... ... middle of paper ... ...ll add quality years to your life. Although you may have started the South Beach Diet as a way to lose weight, when finished, you will see that you achieved so much more (south!” There will always be fad diets promoted by money-making millionairs so they can try for billions in this hopeless world of over-stocking on diet books, obesity society. . Bibliography Campus Nutrition Educator Tonya Hefmer. Interview. Health Care Custom Wire Carb-Crazed? (cover story) Current Events, 9/24/2004, Vol. 104 Issue 3, p1, 3p, 2c; ( AN 14441487). Ebsco Host: Academic Search Premier. “How does it work?“ Copyright 2003. Kraft gets South Beach diet's seal of approval By: Bruce Horovitz. USA Today, 09/27/2004; (AN J0E240191320104) “Publisher Rodale says revenues are up in first half Authors: Dan Shope.”Morning Call, The (Allentown, PA). Newspaper Source. 08/12/2004 (2W63847542549) “Reviewing the South Beach Diet.” “What is the South Beach diet?“ Copyright 2003.

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