South Beach Diet

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History of South Beach Diet The South Beach Diet is a diet plan designed by cardiologist Arthur Agatston and dietician Marie Almon. In 1995, Dr. Agatston developed a diet to prevent heart disease for his cardiac and diabetes patients. According to the South Beach Diet website, Agatstaion knew that a low-fat diet would reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease, but patients had a hard time sticking to the diet. Agatson wanted to find out the reason why his patients had a hard time sticking to the low-fat diet. So he turned to David Jenkins, who was working with insulin resistance. After researching with Jenkins, Agatstion found out the reason why the low-fat diets was not working because patients on low-fat diets where consuming more simple sugars and carbohydrates which was causing the insulin resistance and cycles of hunger. Also Agastaion was investigating the low-carbohydrate diet but he felt it didn’t have enough fiber and had too much saturated fats. Agagaston wanted balance in his diet so it would produce the best results. (South Beach Diet Online, 2010) Agatstion made the The South beach Diet based on eating healthy carbohydrates and fats and eliminating the bad carbohydrates and fats. According to Mary Hager in her article “The South Beach Solution”, the South Beach beach diet cuts out the bad fats which are the saturated fats that include hydrogenated oils and trans fat. Also it cuts down the bad carbohydrates, the refined and process foods. Hager states “His plan emphasizes eating the good fats--olive and canola oils--and good carbs, including vegetables, legumes and whole grains.”(Hager,2004,p.63) After Agatston developed the South diet based on these principles, he started to do assessments on his patients who... ... middle of paper ... ...on how to follow Phase 1 (the first two weeks) and Phase 2 (the next ten weeks) of the South Beach Diet, eating three meals and two snacks per day.” The results of the research showed that after Phase 1, the participants descrease weight, body percentage, and waist circumference. The results by the participants blood tests and the researchers concluded that the South Beach Diet helped the participants with their loss of weight and body fat. Evaluate the Nutritional Adequacy of the Diet South beach Diet during the first phase is not a well balance diet. Phase 1 focuses on mainly the meat, vegetable, diary, and oil food groups; leaving out the grains and fruit group. In order to well balance diet you need to have all the groups incoraprated into the diet. After Phase 2 the diet is less restricted and is more balanced because it incorporates all the food groups.
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