South African and the International Politics in sub-Saharan Africa

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The global network of super powers has claimed many regions through human security, political actions, and economic development. One of the largest landscapes is that of sub-Saharan Africa, in which 50 plus countries make up the geographical landscape (Library of Congress, 2010). In consideration of the long history of changing powers and the colonization of the different countries by Dutch, French, and British influences giving up power after WWII; the prospect of democracy for the sub-Saharan African countries is an ongoing battle (Braithwaite, 2014). South Africa is one example of political changes and the understanding of human security along with economic development.


Political change is the strength and legacy of a country. By looking at the history, an understanding of the people’s culture and laws can be made to determine its place in the global order. Such events have occurred and are ongoing in South Africa. The 27th of April, 2014, was the 20th anniversary of multiracial elections, which had to overcome 300 years of colonial and white majority rule (Johannesburg, 2014). The road to such changes is long and historic as the impact on the sub-Saharan regions occurred through the use of the Atlantic slave trade that lasted from the 15th century through the 19th century. This brought about self-financing colonies in textile, palm oil, gold, diamonds, and coffee all due to the overall takeover of sub-Saharan tea markets using African labor. European colonization was effectively using African people not only as slaves but to fight small battles in military takeovers of indigenous people. The end result was dividing and conquering societies that later were broken down into smaller units (Braithwaite, 2013).

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