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"You idiot!" A man shouted. "I said 'screwdriver', not whatever the hell this is!" His throat was becoming awfully sore from shouting at a younger man searching through the toolbox for a screwdriver, he was grabbing everything but the screwdriver. A green skinned alien named Sour sat in a seat which reminded him of the 'timeout chair' in kindergarten, which he called Jail. The last thing Sour could remember was that he was knocked out, someone had hit him in the back of the head with a hammer. The angry man continued to shout at the young gentleman, until he noticed that Sour was awake. "Sir!" The young man screamed over his Boss's shouting, "He is awake!" His boss turned around to Sour. The man had skin that was starting to wrinkle around his eyes, and he wore thick round glasses. On top of all that, he wore a silly navy blue hat. He had the worst teeth Sour had ever seen, but Sour hadn't seen real humans before. "Where am I?" Sour hissed, he was irritated from being woken. The younger man walked up to Sour. The Alien boy could see that his blue hair somehow had the word blue writt...
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