Sound and The Fury

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Sound and The Fury

William Faulkner's The Sound and The Fury is a complicated story of tragedy, lies, and destruction. The whole Compson family is filled with negativity and bad decisions. The family is broken down little by little until it is finally destroyed. Ms. Compson is supposed to be in control but she is a neurotic self-centered woman that escapes responsibility by depending on Dilsey for every need. Ms Compson also created hostility between the Family.

Jason, the head of the family since their father died, is always knowing but only cares for himself. He is a cold, vicious, and openly cruel person, he values only himself and ways to make himself richer. Part of the reason he is like this is because of the lack of attention he received as a child, and because of the fact that he was not able to attend Harvard. Nevertheless, Jason does what is needed for his family to survive, he goes to work and earns the living for the entire family. Jason also spends a tremendous amount of time in his room counting and reviewing his money. The money was another big motivation for Jason to take responsibility for his family. If that motivation was not there I don't think that Jason would have been as responsible. However, Jason does still represent hate and ruthlessness. Jason is not the only that deteriorates in this book, Ms. Compson represents insanity and delusion. She has an imagined illness, she tries to control things around her including people and she complains very often. Ms. Compson is also in denial of many things, she imagines that people think ill of her and that her husband never liked her brother. The deterioration of each family member is solid and consistent even though they are all different.

Quentin thinks that he is going out of his head because of his sister Caddy. While Caddy does not smell like trees to Benjy anymore because of her actions. Quentin then finds out that Herbert cheated on his test for Harvard. Herbert tries to bribe Quentin's so that no one will find out about his wrong doing. Everything that has been done wrong has been tried to be covered up by that person in the family.
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