Sosiological Approach

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Etymologically , sociology derived from the word ' socio ' or ' society ' which means people and ' logy ' means science or logos . So simple in the sense that sociology is a science of society or the life sciences community . In a broader sense sociology is objective and scientific study of man in society , the study of institutions and social processes . Sociology trying to figure out how society is possible , how it progresses and how he stays there . Therefore, in the sociological approach is usually analyzed in the human society by understanding the process of starting up into human society as an individual . Sociology is the study of human social institutions and processes are objective and scientific communities . Sociology trying to figure out how society is possible , how it progresses, and how he stays there . By studying social institutions and all economic issues , religion , politics , etc. - all of which forms a social structure - we get an overview of the ways humans adapt to their environment , about the mechanisms of socialization , acculturation process that puts members of the public in place respectively .
Pradopo ( 1993:34 ) states that the purpose of sociological studies in the literature is to obtain a complete picture of the relationship between the author , literature , and society . Sociological approach to literature the most widely practiced today paid great attention to the documentary aspects of literature and its foundation is the idea that literature is a mirror of his time . This view assumes that literature is a direct mirror of the various aspects of the social structure of family relationships , class conflict , and others. In the literature, it is the task of sociology is to connect experiences...

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...• The second pattern is called a literary approach to sociology . This approach moves from social factors contained in the literature are then used to understand the social phenomena that exist outside the literary work .
In a further development , the sociology of literature utilized by the research literature that is Marxist . Understand Marxism assumes that literature , culture , religion in every age is an ideology and superstructure are dialectically related , and formed or are the result of the structure and the struggle of his time . Thus , history is seen as a continuous development . Sociology is the study of human literature in relation to society and literary texts . Human relationships in literary texts it is certainly a specific relationship . Among the specific relationship is the relationship between the literary text is seen as a sociological reader