Sorrowful Mother Food Pantry Summary

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466 words

Food Pantry and Trick or Treat for the Hungry Brother Robert Reuter and Tim Hemm helped for food pantries for years and encouraged students to join. It is a great experience for everyone and those who participated it, enjoyed it a lot. The origin is interesting. Brother Robert Reuter started helping the Sorrowful Mother Food Pantry in Wheatfield Indiana, roughly five or six years ago because the person who runs the pantry needed assistance. Students participated in a food pantry in Wheatfield and others participated in the Trick or Treat for the Hungry. It starts for students to dress in Halloween costumes, knocking on doors and asking people for canned goods instead of candy. Kylie Hill has volunteered for Sorrowful Mother Food Pantry for …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that brother robert reuter started helping the sorrowful mother food pantry in wheatfield indiana, roughly five or six years ago because the person who runs the pantry needed assistance.
  • Describes how they volunteered at the sorrowful mother food pantry, trick or treat for the hungry and good samaritan food pantry in rensselaer and learned about the deep meaning and significance of love and compassion.

I volunteered during the summer of 2016 and it was a great experience for me as a student. I received the chance to help with those unfortunate and learn small things about them. Their loving children, their knowledge of some music I love to listen, and the artists I have grown to love regarding the arts in painting, sculpture, and drawings. I met other people who are at my age. There were two gentlemen from Kentucky who are spending two years of traveling around the United States and volunteering in different events. They have finished high school and are working from their parish in volunteer work. They participated in the pantry the same day when I visited and learned that in a week or so, they would be heading to Arizona. It’s neat to find people from other places coming together to share one value: love. People from different places coming to serve. That is the simlilarity with the Sorrowful Mother Food Pantry, Trick or Treat for the Hungry, and Good Samaritan Food Pantry. Service and love. Brother Rob Reuter talks about that we are not entirely different from one another. The person across from you when you are giving them food is you. A reflection of you. Christian Humanism Core taught me so much about humanity. I love the lectures from Declaration to Human Rights to the parables of Jesus Christ. I learned about the deep meaning and signigicance of love and the term compassion. To suffer with someone. This is

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