Soring: Cost Issues In The Equine Industry

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An estimated fifty-eight million horses are in the world today. Out of those fifty-eight million, there are around nine point two million horses in the United States alone. There are over three hundred and fifty horse breeds in the whole world. As the horse industry continues to grow, controversy comes along with it, affecting both society and horses. Soring is one of the largest issues in this vast industry. Many people have never heard of any issues in the equine industry and learn so much after they comprehend the unique and interesting facts. Soring is a method used to produce the “Big Lick”. The “Big Lick” is an artificial gait, is the most exaggerated, and is only possible by soring. Another issue in the horse industry that is not as large as soring includes gingering. Soring and gingering are both inhumane practices that people are still getting away with today. Soring began in the early 1950’s by gaited horse trainers to improve their chances of winning at shows. Soring is the practice of applying certain substances to a horse's hooves so they lift their feet higher to get that exaggerated look. Soring mainly affects gaited horses, such as the Tennessee Walking Horse. There are two types of soring: physical and chemical. Physical soring is carried out by placing stacks on the…show more content…
Gingering is the practice of making a horse carry its tail high up in the air by applying irritants to a horse's anus or vulva. The irritant mainly used is raw ginger. This practice was historically used to make an older horse appear younger, or to make a weak horse appear more lively. The horses mainly affected by this include the Arabian and American Saddlebred breeds. High tails are a desired trait in these breeds halter classes. Not as many people can get away with gingering anymore because it can be easily tested before a competition and they will be
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