Sophia Loren

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Sophia Loren

It has been said that Sophia Loren was and is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but Sophia did not have an easy time getting to the status of Hollywood star. She started her life in poverty, lived through and saw the horrors of world war two. She became a beauty queen and from that tried her hand at acting. She went on the act in one hundred movies and won an Oscar award in her lifetime.

Sofia Scicolone was born in Rome Italy on September 20, 1934. She would eventually change her name. She used a different spelling of her first name, Sophia, and tried out the last name Lazzaro. After one film she then decided that Loren would be a better choice and stuck with it. Sophia was born to an unwed woman named Romilda Villani; her father would not marry her mother but finally signed an affidavit that confirmed that Sofia was his child. Sophia soon had a little sister named Maria. Sophia's

father was also Maria's father; however, this time he refused to sign the affidavit for Maria because he did not want to pay anymore child support. That meant that she was able to use her father's last name. In Italy , at that time, a child could not even start school if they did not have their father's last name, so Maria could not go to school and was ostracized because she didn't have a proper name.

World War Two started and Sophia's town was a bomb target. At night Sophia and her family would have to take shelter in a railroad tunnel and soon the town was evacuated. The family moved to Naples and stayed with some distant relatives during the rest of the war. Sophia was old enough to understand what was going around her. She would sit on her balcony and watch what was happening around her. She was not unaware of the horrors of war, but once the war was over she found something else to watch; the movies. She absolutely fell in love with what she saw on screen and wished that she too could one day be and actress. She didn't care about the fortune and fame she just wanted to be like the people she saw on screen.

Sophia was growing up and was now a teenager. She was turning into a beautiful young
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