Sony's Playstation 4 is the Next Generation Video Game Console

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The next generation of video game consoles is upon us, with Sony’s Play Station 4 leading the charge. Rather than the console being the center of the living room, Sony is making the player the focus. This helps transform a previously unsocial, solitary pass time into a community based personalized system.
Sony’s PS3 came out about six years ago. Unfortunately, Microsoft had released the Xbox 360 prior to the release of the PS3. People bought the Xbox because at its release it was the only console of its class. Sony learned their lesson and is the first company to announce their next generation console.
The PS3’s hardware has not yet been fully utilized by game creators. Nevertheless, Sony is releasing their new system this holiday season; it will far surpass its predecessor. The PS4 boasts a 176GB band width, 8GB of ram, and an 8-core 64-bit x86 "Jaguar" CPU (Lawler, 2013). Sony compares their new system to a “supercharged pc” (Sony, 2013).
The PS4’s advanced hardware allows many different options for game developers and increases the ease of use for gamers. At the announcement of the PS4, Sony already had several game developers talk about the games that they were working on creating. The most common thing that was said was that they were now able to create the games they had always dreamed of. The PS4 was designed by game developers for game developers. As Sony said, “When the developers are happy the gamers are happy” (2013). The new hardware also allows for nearly instant downloads. The 8GB of ram allows it to download the very beginning of the game initially and continue downloading the rest of the game while the player starts the game.
The PS4 was built with community at its core. This system will contain the first ever ...

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... game winning kill, or their new lap record with the push of a button. The lighter gamers will be able to draw 3D sculptures, watch Netflix, browse the web, or engage in other activities. The PS4 offers something for everyone.

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