Sony Ericsson Sales Project

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Sony Ericsson Sales Project KNOWLEDGE OF THE PRODUCT OR SERVICE AND EVERYTHING RELATED TO IT, IS A PREREQUISITE FOR SUCCESS IN PERSONAL SELLING 1) I agree with the above statement. You have to outsmart your competitors, and the only way is to know your product, consumers and even your competition. It is absolutely essential that the salesperson has done enough research about the relevant product or that he/she has been well informed. If this is achieved, the salesperson will be well equipped to inform customers or even to answer questions correctly about the product. This will help boost the sales of the specific product and this simple action will have spurred on the following processes: • Economic growth • Job opportunities • Satisfying a demand for a certain product • Optimum production With the correct knowledge the salesperson can now, with confidence and enthusiasm, approach potential customers. If he knows his product well, he will easily be able to distinguish the facts and advantages off the product and compare it with that of the competitor, who might be selling a similar product. If the salesperson is knowledgeable about the company itself, and not only the product, he/she could inform potential customers about e.

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  • Explains that sony ericsson sales project's knowledge of the product or service is a prerequisite for success in personal selling.
  • Explains that advertisements on television and radio remind people about their range and to inform them about a new model. exciting competitions are also used on radio to capture the attention of customers.
  • Explains the sony ericsson phones division provides the general public with mobile voice and data products across a wide range of mobile devices.
  • Explains that sony ericsson posted its first profit in the second half of 2003.
  • Explains sony ericsson only distributes newly coloured screen phones, all of them built in with text application. other features such as the camera and mp3 player can selectively be bought with certain phones.
  • Explains that nokia strives towards need satisfaction for their customers and to make their life easier. they provide quality products at reasonably competitive prices and an easy and quick to learn product.
  • Opines that the company strives to provide safe and user-friendly products of top quality to its customers with the best possible features.
  • Describes the t-series of low- to high-mid-end candybar type mobile phones and a carryover from the former ericsson line of phones.
  • Explains that sony ericsson's phones have a two-year warrantee. if bought cash, the same applies.
  • Opines that a salesperson must know their product, consumers, and even their competition to outsmart competitors. this will help boost the sales of the specific product.
  • Explains that if a salesperson knows his product well, he can easily distinguish facts and advantages off the product and compare it with that of the competitor.
  • Explains that sony ericsson is a joint venture established in 2001 by the japanese consumer electronics company sony corporation and the swedish telecommunications company ericson to make mobile phones.
  • Explains that sony ericsson is the best-selling mobile phone brand in the nordic countries, followed by nokia. prices are competitive with other leading brands.
  • Explains that sony ericsson held a 9% global market share according to gartner. it became the fastest-growing mobile vendor in q3 2006 compared to motorola.
  • Explains that nokia provides features in their mobile phones such as mega pixel cameras and mp3 players which appeal to the mass market.
  • Explains that sg securities sees nokia achieving market share of 35%, compared to 31.6% in the first quarter as it has picked up share from siemens in europe and become less involved in north america.
  • Explains that business men and women need special features, such as day planners and schedules to co-ordinate their day plan, and people who are on the move and need it for a certain profession.
  • Explains that sony ericsson categorizes its phones as talk and text phones, camera, music, design, web and e-mail phones.
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