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Sonography: Revealing the Unknown Ultrasound Technicians are very valuable in the world of health care. Also known as Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, an Ultrasound Technician uses special machines and equipment that operates on sound waves to determine or diagnose medical problems for patients. There are specializations within this field in which some individuals explore. For instance, areas of specialization includes but not limited to; pregnancy, heart health, gynecology, and abdominal sonography. Although each specializing branch has its own distinctive function, they all involve probing the body to facilitate doctors with diagnoses. According to Career Cruising, "working as an ultrasound technician is very rewarding but it is also…show more content…
The amount of career opportunities involved with the profession are endless. Virtual Job Shadow estimates that there are about 75,000 Ultrasound Technicians in the world and half are working in hospitals. By far, hospitals are the most common employers for sonographers but doctor’s offices are not too far behind. Labs, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes are other establishments that Ultrasound Technicians can be found. These jobs are highly competitive and they demand a high level of attention and accuracy. As medical careers flourish, needs for technicians in many fields of medicine are increasing. Instead of a doctor choosing complex and risky surgery to find out problems within the body, they can now choose a safer path; the ultrasound path. Patient’s history and physical evaluation are building blocks to diagnostics but ultrasounds are much greater. While the field of Ultrasound Technology is a popular in the health care industry, there are still a fairly small number of people in the…show more content…
Compensation ranges between $20.08 per hour and $38.51."(Occupational Outlook Handbook) Experience level is the biggest factor affecting pay for this group, followed by geography. Health benefits are not enjoyed by everyone in this line of work, and one in four lack any coverage at all. Medical benefits are reported by a strong majority and dental coverage is claimed by more than half." Job satisfaction for Ultrasound Technologists is high," the vast majority of Ultrasound Technologists (88 percent) who participated in the survey are women ( Pay Scale 's salary

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