Sonnet 130 An Expression Of Love

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Carly McAndrews
British Lit.
March 19, 2014
Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130: An Expression of Love
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The literal meaning is that the perception of beauty is subjective. English poet, playwright, and actor, one who is outstandingly regarded as possible the greatest writer to English language goes by the name of William Shakespeare, and his written about this very idea. Shakespeare was born in 1564 in England, and lived a life span of fifty two years, passing away in 1616. While Shakespeare was born near the end of the Renaissance era, and was the first to bring about the time’s core value’s to stage, he also composed a series of sonnets, even having his own sonnet known as the Shakespearean Sonnet. Love was a focal point, any poet who was a great poet wrote about love, and falsely compared it to perfection in the eye of the composer. Shakespeare himself wrote about perfection in the features of his lover; however in Sonnet 130, he explores a different, deeper truer side to love. Despite his mistress’s physical flaws, he loves her incomparably. ...
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