Song Dynasty Painting

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The purpose of this essay is to investigate the use of perspective and pictorial value in traditional Chinese ink painting of Song Dynasty (960- 1279). Traditional Chinese ink paintings are known for depicting landscapes in a unique and profound style, but are usually not credit for their accuracy in depicting scene in a realistic way. Some may even consider that traditional Chinese ink paintings do not have the “correct” use of perspective and pictorial value in them. Did ancient Chinese artists have a clear awareness of pictorial value and perspective? This essay will examine the use of perspectives and value in traditional Chinese ink paintings from artists in Song dynasty.
The scope of this essay is period of Song Dynasty, for
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Without the disturbance of constant warfare and economic crisis, the demand of craftsmanship and art boosted. The demand of paintings among the civilian increased since paintings are favored by most middle class and upper class civilians. As well as nobilities as symbol of wealth, status, and most importantly prove the owners to be well educated and have literary pursuit. Paintings are sold in grand events in Song dynasty such as the temple fairs in Bianjing (the capital of Northern Song dynasty) and night markets in Linan (the capital of Southern Song dynasty). And in different festivals, paintings of deities and other mythical figures are hanged in people’s houses, such as the paintings of door- god and Zhong Kui at the end of year. Restaurants and stores also used valuable paintings to attract upper-class customers. And paintings on fans, screens, and other furniture were used in people’s…show more content…
This situation was mainly facilitated by the eighth emperor of Song dynasty, Emperor Huizong. Emperor Huizhong (1082- 1135) was famous for his passion and attainments in painting and calligraphy. He himself was an excellent painter, expert in painting realistic birds and flowers. The status of artists rose to an unprecedented level during the era of Emperor Huizhong. He established a governmental department Hanlin Huayuan (the Imperial Academy Painting department) just for painters and included painting in the Chinese Civil Service Examination to select court painter. Which spurred the industry of painting and caused the number of professional painter to increase massively.

- The Graphic Perspective and Value
Perspective, as an art professional term, is the way of depicting a 3- dimensional object on a 2- dimensional surface in the way, which the object is bigger as it’s closer to the viewer’s eyes and smaller as the object is further away.

- Types of Linear
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