Sometimes it is a single event which propels a child from innocence

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Sometimes it is a single event which propels a child from innocence into adulthood. Discuss. ‘Sometimes It Is A Single Event Which Propels A Child From Innocence Into Adulthood. Discuss, With Reference To The Texts You Have Read Throughout The Course.’ (Jane Eyre + Red Room) Everyone has to grow up at some stage in their life, and in the three texts I have studied; the young children have been almost thrown into adulthood. This is because they have experienced an emotionally painful event, which forces them to come face to face with the harsh and cruel realities of adult life. In each of the pieces of writing, the children are all the young age of ten when they go through the horrific incident that forces them to mature. In 'Jane Eyre', Jane is locked in the Red Room when she is only ten years old. `for I was but ten;` In 'The Lesson' the boy hears of his father’s death when he was `a month past ten` In 'The Flowers', Myop is only ten when she discovers the body of the deceased black man `She was ten, ` Each of the writers makes the children in their texts such a vulnerable age to increase the impact of the tragedy they have to go through. It makes the reader feel sympathetic for the child and conveys how painful the experience must be. In each of the texts, the children featured all come from varied backgrounds, and have all been treated in different ways before being forced from childhood. Some have had happier childhoods than others. In 'Jane Eyre', Jane is an orphan whose parents were killed by TB? She is left in the care of her uncle, but he too passes away. Jane is then left to be looked after by her aunt, Mrs. Reed. Mrs. Reed made a promise to her husband on his deathbed to treat Jane as she was her own, but she does not fulfil this promise. She treats Jane with inferiority, claiming she is `less then a servant` and excluding her from family activities. Due to the attitude of Mrs. Reed, her children take the same approach, and are unkind and disrespectful towards Jane. Her eldest cousin John Reed continually bullies Jane, making her life a misery. Brontë’s use of language as she says `every nerve I had feared him`. The use of the phrase ‘every nerve’ conveys the intensity of the terror that Jane feels due to Johns bullying. It is because of John’s taunting and abuse that Jane is unfairly locked in the Red Room. She reacts to John throwing a library book at her head for no reason.

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