Something Beautiful for God

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On August 26, 1910, in the country of Macedonia, Mother Teresa was born. She would grow up and accomplish many remarkable achievements. She taught in India for seventeen years before she experienced her 1946 “call within a call” to dedicate herself to caring for the poor and sick. She established centers for the aged, disabled, blind and a leper colony. In addition, she received the Nobel Peace Prize for her humanitarian work. It all began when she left for Ireland to begin her religious work, leaving her family and speaking a language few knew. Every aspect of her life, from her early years to her later years, are fascinating and builds in to her ministry to the week and poor. She was baptized August 27, 1910 as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. However, she is commonly known as Mother Teresa. Her family was of Albanian descent and were devoutly Catholic. They were greatly involved in the local church, especially her mother, who was a compassionate and pious women. Her father was an entrepreneur and worked as a trader of medicines and other goods in addition to a construction contractor. Tragically, however, when Mother Teresa was only 8 years old, her father became suddenly ill and died. Although the cause of his death remains unseen, it has been speculated that political antagonists poisoned him. After her father’s death, she grew remarkably close to her mother, who impressed upon her with a deep obligation to charity (Mother Teresa). Moreover, in 1912 at the age of twelve, Mother Teresa felt a strong call from God. Knowing she had to be a missionary to spread the love of Christ, she left her parental home at eighteen. She joined the Sisters of Loreto, which was an Irish community of nuns with missions in India. When the few mouths of ... ... middle of paper ... ...other Teresa died. Regardless of emotional, spiritual, and physical work, she seemed unstoppable. It was only a few months before her death that she finally surrendered the position of head of her Missionaries of Charity (Who was Blessed?). However, her work lives on, and countless people where undoubtedly blessed with her selflessness and her caring heart. Her life story, from her early years to later in her life, is captivating and inspiring. Works Cited "Mother Teresa". The Biography Channel, 2014. Web. 22 Jan. 2014. “Mother Teresa - Biographical”. laureates/1979/teresa-bio.html. Nobel Prize, 2013. Web. 22 Jan 2014. “Who was Blessed?”. WhoWasTeresa.aspx. American Catholic Organization, 2012. Web 23 Jan. 2014.

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