Solving the Foreclosure Crisis

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The foreclosure crisis is completely out of control. Everywhere you go, there are foreclosed houses to your left and right. The only plans that there are for putting an end to this crisis have a very small picture of the crisis in mind. These plans only deal with helping people that are in an immediate danger of having their house foreclosed on. The help that they offer only puts people out of harms way until they have to make payments later. Many people simply can’t pay the bills that they have in front of them. The solution for this crisis isn’t to lower their payments or to let them skip a few payments and then start back up later. These strategies will only help people for a short period. Once they have to start paying regular rates again, what will they do? If they weren’t able to pay them a few months ago, what will be different now? We need a plan that will help Americans in the long run.

There’s a simple solution to this foreclosure crisis. My plan comes has two parts to it. These are simple parts that have been widely overlooked as the solution to this monster that has been devouring the lives of thousands of Americans. These two parts are: education and jobs.

Many Americans aren’t able to pay off their mortgage or their loans because they simply aren’t paid enough. Simple example: say you owe someone $500 a month, but where you work, you only make $450 a month. You won’t be able to pay the person at the end of the month and as the debt piles up, your life is at the mercy of your debt. If you were paid more, then you would be able to pay off your debt and you can still enjoy the simple luxuries of heating and running water that many Americans get to enjoy everyday.

The proof is in the pudding, college graduates make...

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...rican will have a job to afford a nice home. America will have the highly educated, thinking individuals it needs to help solve the energy crisis and the environmental problems we face. This plan can be applied to any problem that this great country faces and put them to an end.

Sometimes the most obvious of solutions can be the best. While my solution seems so simple, it can produce the best outcome. With the help of congress and the president, we can help to put this crisis to sleep once and for all. We will no longer have the experience of having to see house after house foreclosed on as we drive to the grocery store. America will no longer have to deal with the tearing apart of families as they have to try to find somewhere warm to sleep for the night. This is a permanent solution that can put an end to temporary problems and help The American Dream come true.

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